After the success of my debut novel ALPHANUMERIC, I am currently working on a vast inter-connected universe of stories built around six different genres. The first novel will be released at the end of 2020. In parallel, more standalone novels are on the way. Stay tuned...


ISBN 978-1782795063

Teenager Stu accidentally transports himself into a world where numbers and letters are alive. He explores the System of Numbers, slips into the Land of Letters, and works very hard to avoid a Prophecy that proclaims his arrival as the trigger to war. In the course of his adventure, he encounters digits and letters full of flaws, hopes, fears and burning desires, some of whom should not be trusted. Most of all, he befriends Yana, a young vowel who helps him overcome his dyslexia. In return, he teaches her to count and in the process, transforms her into a variable, able to use the power of geometry... to fly.


As he explores the many sides of this intimidating, mysterious and fascinating world, Stu is finally forced to face his crushing fear of flying in order to escape. But more than anything, Stu will fight desperately to save Yana, the one vowel who helped him, who trusted him and who is now blaming him for the chaos of alphanumerical war that Stu’s arrival has brought into her life.


But as the battle begins, Stu may already be too late.



A thrilling tale of deceit and manipulations in the Tuscan landscape surrounding Florence, I BELIEVE unfolds at a swift pace.


When a neglected actor hustles into priesthood to find a faithful public, he sells confession secrets to stay afloat and crosses the mafia in the process.

As the tale entangles Alex, a character actor too eager to connect with an audience, Vincent, his lawyer friend whose ambition threatens to overwhelm him, and Exlizabeth, a strict nun who finds her code of ethics challenged by Alex, the stakes rise to breaking point.

The opportunity that pulled them together now risks tearing them apart. In such a dangerous game, sacrifices must be made. And no-one can escape unhurt.


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